Blackthorn walking sticks

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Blackthorn walking sticks

As James O'Connell, we are committed to providing clients access to high-quality blackthorn walking sticks sourced from reputable craftsmen and artisans. With a keen eye for quality and a passion for traditional craftsmanship, we curate a selection of blackthorn walking sticks that meet the highest durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal standards. Each stick in our collection is handpicked based on its superior quality and authenticity, ensuring that clients receive a walking stick that reflects the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the blackthorn tradition.


Whether clients seek a classic Irish blackthorn stick or a modern variation, we offer diverse options to suit their preferences and needs. With our dedication to exceptional customer service and expertise in blackthorn walking sticks, clients can trust that they are investing in a reliable and timeless accessory for their outdoor adventures or daily walks.

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What is a blackthorn walking stick?

A blackthorn walking stick is a traditional walking stick made from the wood of the blackthorn bush (Prunus spinosa). Blackthorn wood is known for its strength, durability, and distinctive appearance, characterized by a dark, knotty bark and a dense, hard grain. These walking sticks are often sought after for their rugged beauty and practicality, making them popular for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and individuals who require support while walking.


Blackthorn walking sticks may be used for stability and balance or simply as a stylish accessory for everyday use. They are typically handcrafted by skilled artisans who select and shape the blackthorn wood to create sturdy and reliable walking sticks that can withstand regular use.

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What options do you have with blackthorn walking sticks?

There are many options when choosing your new blackthorn walking sticks:

  • Size
  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Strength

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For more information on the prices of our blackthorn walking sticks,

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Blackthorn walking stick FAQ’s

  • What areas can we deliver your blackthorn walking sticks to?

    At James O’Connell, we cater our blackthorn walking sticks to clients nationwide.

  • How much do our blackthorn walking sticks cost?

    Prices on our blackthorn walking sticks are available to clients on request.